About Nicolas Janssens

A life dedicated to the triumph of Art


The shock of realizing that he was death, at the age of 27, led Nicolas Janssens on the path of spirituality, joy and simplicity.

He personifies a new definition of art that unites all human experience. Art is the consciousness so long awaited by humanity since its creation and of which all spiritual practices speak since the existence of the verb. It is there, before our very eyes, since the beginning.

 "The intensive practice of art has led me to a radical change of consciousness. Art is the only guide we need to unify all the spiritual practices of the world. I've made it my mission to fade behind this paradigm shift that has already taken place and which places art as the ultimate consciousness in human experience."

For Nicolas, the practice of the different art forms of the past was always highly spiritual, he used them as tools of personal deconstruction and this led him to a new process of identification with death in 2019. A process that he immortalized by writing a manifest that is accessible here for free.

He now uses the language of contemporary art to spread joy and unite humanity in a common vision.

During his 30-year career, from 2020 to 2050, he will be the ambassador of the supreme reign of art, the last Western artist that history needs.

Nothing stands in the way of art anymore, we are all artists.

His mission is to help everyone understand that their true nature, their "natural" state is that of an artist, of a creator.


The triumph of the reign of art is to be understood in his own words: "It is almost common knowledge in our society that art is an exhausted concept, it is a dead concept. Its history teaches us that it is simply a conditioned way of seeing things and can be omnipresent through the human imagination.

A concept that is dead implies that there can no longer be any authority over it, there can no longer be any ideologies about it either. It is incumbent upon each person to do what he wishes with its remains.

In the West, we have gradually stopped believing in the form of art, we can now stop believing in the idea. This does not mean that we have to stop producing artworks or theorizing about them. It simply means that we can only pretend. All we can do now is play at making art.

I think that was its goal from the beginning. Art has taken ahold of us to carry out its enterprise of total domination. All we have to do now is rejoice in its triumph and in the entertainment it brings us."


Nicolas reminds us that generations of artists have fought, through modern and then contemporary art, to bring the concept of art ever further into the human experience. All its limits have been overcome and the absolute freedom so much sought after by its practitioners is now accessible to all.


The total freedom that art offers us has been for many an opportunity to spread a certain feeling of unease, cynicism or nostalgia over the world. This freedom is often misinterpreted and is as much an occasion for mourning as it is for rejoicing. As is every moment of presence in our reality.


There lies the key to his teaching, Nicolas shows us that each moment of presence in our dimension is an act of creation on our part. Being truly aware of this allows us to choose joy and simplicity, no matter what happens to us.

He shows us that if our "reality" doesn't suit us, we just have to change it by changing our beliefs and by manipulating our imagination.

Nicolas invites us to accept this radical philosophy in which human experience can never be a problem because everything we experience is only a creation on our part. Joy or happiness are then only mental constructions that exist nowhere else but in our imagination. And we have permanent access to our imagination. So joy is always there, available if you really want it.


All our suffering can dissolve if we finally decide to accept ourselves as artists.


All fields are good to realize this consciousness, for Nicolas it is the practice of contemporary art that has opened the doors to the world of spirituality, of infinite joy. But all paths are good to realize that there is nothing to do.


To support his discourse, Nicolas uses mainly a language from the past, the medium of painting, a classical art form dating from before the triumph of art and which is easily recognizable by everyone. He sometimes associates his paintings with other mediums such as sculpture, drawing, installation or performance.

Nicolas Janssens shows us the path of art that has ceased to become to finally be, fully.

Through his ultimate philosophical proposition, art is then to be considered as a conscious masturbatory activity serving the personal development of its practitioner, this consciousness finally allows the human being to overcome his condition.  


So if we are still talking about contemporary art today, it is only to be considered as a tradition. A language of the past that allowed the triumph of art to come about and to which we pay homage.


It is imperative for Nicolas to preserve this language which has revolutionized his perception of the human experience and allowed him to develop his ego in an efficient way adapted to each situation he encounters.

He wishes to perpetuate the awareness of omnipresent art, which makes us totally free and all-powerful beings.


Nicolas stands out as the ambassador of this new age that many still cannot identify. His 30 years of service will allow the world to accept and love, with ever greater intensity, the dictatorship of art.


Humanity is finally freed from itself.

It is a message of joy that he spreads over the world.