Manifest launch & exhibition of the first relics

June 27 - July 13, 2020 @ Artichaut Studio, Brussels


«I am the end point of Western art history.»

It is almost common knowledge in our society that art is an exhausted concept, it is a dead concept.
Its history teaches us that it is just a conditioned way of seeing things and that it is totally dependent upon its environment. In short, art can be found in everything through the human imagination.


Absolutely anybody can label himself as an artist, as long as this idea takes hold of him.
If nothing stands in the way of art anymore, it is because it has triumphed over everything else and has evaporated.


A concept that is dead implies that there can no longer be any authority over it, there can no longer be any ideologies about it either. It is incumbent upon each person to do what he wishes with its remains. We have gradually stopped believing in the form, we can now stop believing in the idea.


This does not mean that we should stop producing artworks or theorising about it. It simply means that we can only pretend. All we can do now is play at making art.


I think that was its goal from the beginning. Art has taken ahold of us to carry out its enterprise of total domination. All we have to do now is rejoice in its triumph and in the entertainment it brings us.


This is a message of joy.

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